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I mean that you’re not exactly a private detective anymore. You’re this far from famous.


From the Financial Times (“‘Sherlock’ a big winner for BBC’s finances”), this quote from Ben Stephenson, controller of BBC Drama:

' “This is not hyperbole,” added Mr Stephenson, who confirmed that the BBC will film a “special with a big twist” in January, followed by a three-part series filmed in 2015, with no fixed date for broadcast.

' “Steven sat down with Martin [Freeman] and Benedict [Cumberbatch] a month ago and took them through what the plans are [for series four]. It's impossible to guess what's going to happen. They are being very bold and brave. There are twists and turns, as you would expect. But it is shocking.” '

Saying that the actors/writers are being “bold and brave” in discussing series 4 really signals something beyond the usual in today’s world of drama (eg Fargo, American Horror Story etc). Bets are on something pretty emotionally difficult with the baby or heading towards a gay relationship.

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What if Mary is Moran though, who was working for Moriarty all the time and then when Jim “died”, she didn’t know if it was just a trick or not. What if she was told to get close to John in order to destroy Sherlock in the end? What if this plan worked just at the beginning and then she really fell in love with John and she didn’t care anymore because she thought Moriarty was dead? It would explain why she looks a little bit panicked once she hears that Jim might not be dead after all. And because she didn’t follow Jim’s orders, even though she did at first, Mary and the baby have to get out of the way as soon as Jim comes back for real. 

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Teen!lock where John and Sherlock are doing the sex in Sherlock’s room when all of a sudden a wild Mycroft bursts in and there’s a panic and Mycroft gets scandalised and flees out the house but then later after John has gone and Sherlock is sitting in the living room the wild Mycroft bursts in again and throws a shopping bag of condoms at Sherlock’s head and then sprints to his room because no matter how horrified Mycroft is he must protect his little brother at all costs. uWu