“I'm not gay!" John says in series four. "Well, I am." Mutters Sherlock before turning to leave the room. John runs after him.




Durham Cathedral, England

photo via kathleen


Sherlock getting fucked by John’s cock for the first time, sliding down on it, feeling completely full for the first time in his life, so beautiful and owned, inside and out. John holds Sherlock’s hips, watching his cock disappearing into Sherlock’s own fucking body as Sherlock fucks himself up and down, eventually just bouncing on John’s cock. Sherlock scrabbles at his cock to try and jerk off but John bats his hand away because John only wants Sherlock to get pleasure from John fucking him, and then he tilts his hips so he’s ramming into Sherlock’s prostate and Sherlock’s crying with frustration until it all becomes too much and he comes without touching himself for the first time in his life.